Menopause: When Hormones Change You

There are any number of surprises that arise over time in a long lifetime, some of which are delightful and some are scarey, but treatable, and then sometimes, there are things that are not easily explainable, and even the doctors who have seen everything, have a hard time making the right diagnosis of what is messing with a person. Is it temporary? Is it possibly fatal? Will I be the same person afterwards that I was before this happened to me? Those are just some of the many questions that need to be answered for people whose lives have been put on hold by these developments, before they have any hope of returning to what most of us classify as a normal lifestyle. And, for some, the answers will not be good. But, how are we to know what the answer is when it happens to us? And, can we trust the answers we have been given? And mostly, women have greater issues than do aging men. Continue reading Menopause: When Hormones Change You

When It is Flu Season In Your Body

No one in their right mind wants to suffer from the flu. You feel miserable, you look awful and sound even worse than that. When you have the flu, you are a seriously-infectious disaster spreading misery and suffering to all the people you love and care for, simply because you go near them. They will hate you for this. Perhaps not long, but for a while at least, and they will remember that it was you who infected them because you didn’t get a flu shot when you should have. Continue reading When It is Flu Season In Your Body

Five Decades of Drug Use

A bit more than fifty five years ago this coming month, some one hundred twelve drug abusers were taken from New York City jail cells and moved to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital to be examined and classified in descriptions ranging from social to motivational, psychiatric and pharmacologic. America was about to start learning about types of Americans who, because of drugs or personality differences, did not fit the normal American norm – love of country, patriotic, hard-working, family oriented, nose to the grindstone. These kids were different! Heroin users were a growing category, it was established. Known generally as hopheads, or worse, their members were generally psychopathic and, as a quickly-growing sub-group, were by themselves costing the city some $10 million a day in crimes they committed to support their drug habit. Continue reading Five Decades of Drug Use

We Won’t Sugarcoat This

A Doctor once said that diabetes, though it does not ordinarily kill its victims, nevertheless tends to ruin the normal pleasures of life devoted to good tasting things, leaving the victim to exist on a carefully calibrated diet that allows life to continue by withdrawing pleasure from the act of eating foods that please the palate. A sort of adult You Play, You Pay thing. There are a lot of things about that warning to challenge. But in the end, you have to give the Doctor credit for zeroing in on the most essential aspect. For someone with the disease in their body, the amount of sugars that can safely be consumed in one day is extremely limited. That has to be the case every day. If you go three consecutive years of being the perfect patient, and fall off badly when you just go crazy and let your whims have their way one weekend, you will make yourself deadly ill, perhaps enough to force hospitalization. The thing to remember is that diabetes is not a disease to mess with, unless you are eager to die young. Continue reading We Won’t Sugarcoat This