We Won’t Sugarcoat This

A Doctor once said that diabetes, though it does not ordinarily kill its victims, nevertheless tends to ruin the normal pleasures of life devoted to good tasting things, leaving the victim to exist on a carefully calibrated diet that allows life to continue by withdrawing pleasure from the act of eating foods that please the palate. A sort of adult You Play, You Pay thing. There are a lot of things about that warning to challenge. But in the end, you have to give the Doctor credit for zeroing in on the most essential aspect. For someone with the disease in their body, the amount of sugars that can safely be consumed in one day is extremely limited. That has to be the case every day. If you go three consecutive years of being the perfect patient, and fall off badly when you just go crazy and let your whims have their way one weekend, you will make yourself deadly ill, perhaps enough to force hospitalization. The thing to remember is that diabetes is not a disease to mess with, unless you are eager to die young.

Now, science has brought us an added worry. Scientists are poking at a theory that has been around for a while, but which has too many parallels to dismiss. That leaves the question of the day as the following: Is there a chance that Alzheimer’s disease is a form of type three diabetes? Some very good medical experts are asking that question.

The quick answer is that nothing is provable as if yet, but there appear to scientists to be closing in on similarities that might be co-incidental or meaningful. It is far too early to know for certain yet, but sooner or later, science will learn the truth of it.

But, the question left hanging that people have to ask themselves until a certain answer is found, is whether if they continue to overload on sugary products, including soft drinks, ice cream products and any number of other food products that consist of high amounts of sugar, are they heading for disaster? The answer is almost certainly yes, with or without the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease.

A build-up of sugar can cause dramatic and harmful things to happen within the human body, and sometimes, cannot be undone. If a doctor tells a patient that he or she has sugar levels that are high enough to be diagnosed as pre-diabetes, the patient is being told that to continue on life as the patient has been leading it, is harmful, almost certainly will develop into a fully blown case of diabetes and may impact severely on life’s options from that point on.

That is the last point where the patient has an option. Clean up your act, and the body will respond and slowly return to normal. Proceed on your dangerous course, and what can certainly happen will occur. The only certainty is that you will not like the results. You may or may not die early, but your activities and your options will be severely limited.

There are two known types of diabetes. Type 1 is normal, what we are born with, and should remain at throughout our lifetime. Type two is achieved when you have put so much sugar and other gunk into your body that you have overwhelmed the body’s ability to digest and discard unhealthy products. Now, when your body can no longer do that, it begins to store them. That is type 2 diabetes, and it changes your life into something less desirable. Type 3, though it does not officially exist, would in fact be Alzheimer’s disease or something remarkably similar, which is a nicer way of saying that you – this particular human being – is forevermore – toast.

Studies at Brown University in 2005 showed for the first time that examinations of Alzheimer’s patients showed that insulin in the brain of a diagnosed victim disappears early on and does not return. In patients with advanced cases of Alzheimer’s disease, insulin levels were 80 percent lower than in a normal brain.

Further, studies have now shown that those with diabetes are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease as people with normal brains. Remember that next time you reach for a chocolate-glazed donut, or order a can of sugary soda.