Please Pay On The Way Out

It is getting tougher to be a senior these days because it isn’t enough to simply live a long and healthy life. At least, it isn’t for a sub-species of today’s aging Americans who want to turn the good luck of today’s seniors into a rally call for a phys-ed looneybin where seniors are no longer healthy men and women of extended age but are part of a monitored corps of Bio-Psycho-Social Model humans. In other words, they want to make those of us aging their models for a sort of super Seniority crowd. And, of course, you would pay dearly for the counsel and other good services that come from telling all to a therapist. Continue reading Please Pay On The Way Out

Five Decades of Drug Use

A bit more than fifty five years ago this coming month, some one hundred twelve drug abusers were taken from New York City jail cells and moved to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital to be examined and classified in descriptions ranging from social to motivational, psychiatric and pharmacologic. America was about to start learning about types of Americans who, because of drugs or personality differences, did not fit the normal American norm – love of country, patriotic, hard-working, family oriented, nose to the grindstone. These kids were different! Heroin users were a growing category, it was established. Known generally as hopheads, or worse, their members were generally psychopathic and, as a quickly-growing sub-group, were by themselves costing the city some $10 million a day in crimes they committed to support their drug habit. Continue reading Five Decades of Drug Use