Menopause: When Hormones Change You

There are any number of surprises that arise over time in a long lifetime, some of which are delightful and some are scarey, but treatable, and then sometimes, there are things that are not easily explainable, and even the doctors who have seen everything, have a hard time making the right diagnosis of what is messing with a person. Is it temporary? Is it possibly fatal? Will I be the same person afterwards that I was before this happened to me? Those are just some of the many questions that need to be answered for people whose lives have been put on hold by these developments, before they have any hope of returning to what most of us classify as a normal lifestyle. And, for some, the answers will not be good. But, how are we to know what the answer is when it happens to us? And, can we trust the answers we have been given? And mostly, women have greater issues than do aging men. Continue reading Menopause: When Hormones Change You