Do Not Touch

Do Not Touch – It always applies, but more so in the winter time when virus germs are everywhere and looking for new bodies to infect. Flu season can be a lot easier for people who spend a little time thinking about the skills of the opposition, in this case, the disease. Avoid a few simple hazards and you can minimize your winter ills considerably.

No one wants to get sick in the winter months because if you get a cold, or worse, it just seems to linger on – coming and going over and over again. It might be easy enough to avoid the flu if you are the only person living on a South Pacific island, and your supplies are delivered by parachute from a cargo plane passing overhead. No germs, no concern. Except that you have to sanitize everything that comes down from the delivery plane because you never know who was in that plane or if they had a cold. You just can’t trust anyone in the cold season. Continue reading Do Not Touch

When It is Flu Season In Your Body

No one in their right mind wants to suffer from the flu. You feel miserable, you look awful and sound even worse than that. When you have the flu, you are a seriously-infectious disaster spreading misery and suffering to all the people you love and care for, simply because you go near them. They will hate you for this. Perhaps not long, but for a while at least, and they will remember that it was you who infected them because you didn’t get a flu shot when you should have. Continue reading When It is Flu Season In Your Body