Do Not Touch

Do Not Touch – It always applies, but more so in the winter time when virus germs are everywhere and looking for new bodies to infect. Flu season can be a lot easier for people who spend a little time thinking about the skills of the opposition, in this case, the disease. Avoid a few simple hazards and you can minimize your winter ills considerably.

No one wants to get sick in the winter months because if you get a cold, or worse, it just seems to linger on – coming and going over and over again. It might be easy enough to avoid the flu if you are the only person living on a South Pacific island, and your supplies are delivered by parachute from a cargo plane passing overhead. No germs, no concern. Except that you have to sanitize everything that comes down from the delivery plane because you never know who was in that plane or if they had a cold. You just can’t trust anyone in the cold season. Continue reading Do Not Touch

The Ultimate Change of Life

Everyone knows time heals all disputes, but that is because people die away, and other disputes arise.  But with space age planning, particularly when homesteading in space, every detail makes the difference between life and death.  So, planning under way now for space colonization moves slowly and carefully.

Contrary to public opinion, hearing is actually the first thing that tends to diminish with aging, which – for at least for a sizable portion of the public – is a good thing. But, for all of the men and women who are suddenly having difficulty hearing the menu at a popular café, or reading it for that matter, aging gets a bit tougher by the year. Aging is a necessary if not always pretty part of life. But, all we can do is what we are able to do. As was meant to be, the aging process is part of a larger process that, sooner or later, plucks a certain individual out of the comfort of retirement to make that person the head liner in next week’s funeral. The aging process is necessarily cruel, designed to keep the planet filled with the young and able, with a much smaller older generation available to provide history instruction and to put perspective into play when hard decisions have to be made. On the other hand, many of us of age cannot remember the names of old friends we used to see, or have gotten lost on streets we have known for decades during what we lovingly call a “senior moment.” Continue reading The Ultimate Change of Life

Keeping An Eye On Seniors II

The federal Administration on Aging (AOA) puts out a report each year to remind all of us just how quickly the world is changing, as well as what awaits the majority of us somewhere down the road. The report provides the desperately needed exclamation point to the continuing evolution of the nation to senior status, that America is aging ever more rapidly each passing year, with seniors solidly established as the fastest growing population group in the nation. It is, at the end of 2015, still somewhat early in the overall trend, though its meaning and each annual fluctuation affects every part of the nation, and has already begun to greatly impact federal and state spending in upcoming decades. And, while it is true that the same is happening across the globe in most industrialized nations, it remains for other generations to resolve the problems of the billions of people who live in non-industrialized nations. Continue reading Keeping An Eye On Seniors II

Keeping An Eye On Seniors I

Like other aging men, I have a wife. That means that I have a helpmate, an advisor in all things, a nag when I have failed to fulfill an obligation that is more important to her than to myself and a highly conscientious editor of copy when news and feature stories need to be proofread for errors, spelling and otherwise. We will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next September, assuming she does not dump me before then, and her very aging parents who now live nearby in Northern Virginia have accepted that the marriage will survive. I think they had hopes that their daughter would come to her senses – she married a newspaperman. The silly girl. – But even if you live to your mid-90s, as they have, you don’t get everything you wish for. Continue reading Keeping An Eye On Seniors I

The High That Is Involvement

Long, long ago when young males would carry blankets in the trunks of their cars, assertedly for the possibility of breaking down in a snowstorm and having to wrap a blanket around themselves until help came, any number of boyfriends became new husbands somewhat quickly after that blanket had been used for uh, star gazing and things on warm summer nights. While I offer no details or statistics involving childbirth issues, I do know that as technology evolved, my generation of youth included not only the blanket in the trunk for unexpected snowstorms – I attended college in Southern California – as well as other devices in the glove compartment guaranteed to protect young men from unanticipated fatherhood. It was, as so many found out, not a 100 percent guarantee, but, I have to confess that I carried both items more in hope than in the reality of use, but I took the Boy Scout oath quite literally, and tried always to be prepared for whatever life might send my way. Continue reading The High That Is Involvement