Menopause: When Hormones Change You

There are any number of surprises that arise over time in a long lifetime, some of which are delightful and some are scarey, but treatable, and then sometimes, there are things that are not easily explainable, and even the doctors who have seen everything, have a hard time making the right diagnosis of what is messing with a person. Is it temporary? Is it possibly fatal? Will I be the same person afterwards that I was before this happened to me? Those are just some of the many questions that need to be answered for people whose lives have been put on hold by these developments, before they have any hope of returning to what most of us classify as a normal lifestyle. And, for some, the answers will not be good. But, how are we to know what the answer is when it happens to us? And, can we trust the answers we have been given? And mostly, women have greater issues than do aging men.

A lady that the doctor’s case record lists as Cathy reported to her doctor that she would wake up numerous times at night, flushed and sweaty, a condition that eventually spread to daytime hours as well. And so, aware of what was likely to be the diagnosis, after enough was enough, she went to see her doctor who examined her, and informed her yes, she had been right. Cathy was suffering from no illness, but was simply beginning the menopause transition that meant she would no longer have to worry about being pregnant.But, for a while, at least, she was likely to be pretty damned touchy, hard to live with and quick to take offence when people said, “Hi, Cathy.” It was the beginning of the crazy time that all aging women fear, and which completely befuddle confused and abused husbands, the dreaded M-E-N-O-P-A-U-S-E!

Today, the hot flashes of menopause can be controlled somewhat, Doctors say, depending not on the treatment itself so much as the reception of the women receiving that treatment. If the female body is far more complex than the male body, there remain subtle differences in tolerance to drugs from one female to another. The approved drugs used to help women stay sane while their body goes through its closing down of the conceptual process while retaining the possibility – once the body allows sanity to return a form of calm to the body again – of sexual pleasure.

It is all about hormones in the female body, and particularly so during the aging process when the reproductive system begins its shut-down process. Some women can handle the primary hormone treatment, and others can barely tolerate the process. And sometimes , particularly so when there is a history of cancer in the family genes, the doctors will tend to restrict the use of one hormone or another, or avoid it altogether.It all depends what tests of the body show, and those final determinations will be based on what will work best for the women whose bodies are changing status. It can be, and often is, a tough stretch for the patients, but the vast majority of them get through it without harm, and go on to live generally unrestricted lives.

While menopause is a part of every woman’s life, some appear to have it easier than others, but the great majority find that the fears of the menopause part of life were far greater than the actual reality, and once through the worst of the process, return pretty much to the women they were before their genes started flying around inside their bodies like crazy little windup toys. That is, of course, only the way it feels to the women experiencing the effect.But, even menopause eventually ends, and in most instances, what replaces the jarring emotions of that separation from the ability to bear children any more, and the emotions sort of fall into place again, and the woman experiencing all of this, will wake up one morning happy, calm, rational and likely, probably as hungry as a bear waking up after the winter slumber. That is a very happy sign for husbands whose nerves have likely frayed long ago, and find it hard to recognize what used to be normalcy in that couple’s home.

Without question, menopause is a difficult period for both husband and wife, although they suffer from differing tortures. But, once that process is behind a woman, she will slowly but certainly return once again to be the woman her husband signed up to share life with. Males suffer a sort of withdrawal from their side of the sex life during aging when their hormonal levels drop somewhat, but it is a piece of cake for doctors to treat the male issues vs the wife’s more serious, if temporary, visit to outer space.

But, the good life will return to both men and women on the other side of the capability to impregnate and to become pregnant, though nothing the male experiences comes anywhere close to the long effort to get from the birthing side of life to the non-birthing side that healthy and aging women must experience.